Sales Configuration Software Revenues Key to Success at Cameleon Software

Cameleon Software

Sales configuration software sales growth of 60% lead to an overall 30% increase in revenue  for Cameleon Software (Euronext: CAM).

(€ Millions) Q1 2010 Q1 2009
Software revenue 1.70 1.07
Services revenue 0.52 0.64
Total Revenue Q1 2.22 1.71
(Provisional – unaudited)

Jacques Soumeillan, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Cameleon Software:

2010 got off to a very encouraging start … there have been renewed expressions of interest from the industrial market, particularly in the US. We have a solid backlog of orders and recurring revenue from maintenance & SaaS 2010 accounts for more than 36% of our breakeven point for the year. In line with the first quarter’s performance, we will remain focused on achieving sales growth for the Cameleon suite in new markets in Europe and the US and improving our margins…

Cameleon Software is a technology provider of product design and sales configuration software.

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