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Configura Sverige AB

Configura Inc., maker of Best of NeoCon Gold Award-Winning CET Designer software used by Haworth, Spacefile, Steelcase and Teknion dealers, has joined the EMerge Alliance, bringing total membership to more than 40 organizations.

The EMerge Alliance is an open industry association established in 2008 to promote the rapid adoption of safe, low-voltage direct-current (DC) power distribution and use in commercial building interiors. DC provides new options to reduce energy usage. The EMerge standard will give commercial building owners a way to maximize room and floor reconfigurations and stop the cycle of one-time fixture and device use.

“Configura has joined the EMerge Alliance in a strategic relationship to help streamline incorporating DC power into commercial interior designs,” Configura CEO Johan Lyreborn said. “EMerge applications will have more flexibility to be reconfigured as a building’s (or an occupant’s) needs change. It’s the next logical progression toward sustainable buildings.”

Configura plans to work with EMerge members and their customers who need a simple tool to specify configurable lighting systems, ceilings, walls and floors, and related electrical devices and power infrastructure.

“We plan to build a generic tool with generic representative symbols– open for everyone to use – and, as requested, software that includes EMerge member companies’ specific products – just like we do for current customers Steelcase, Haworth, Spacefile and Teknion,” Configura Vice President Peter Brandinger said.

The benefits will include:
• Helping customers to conceptually visualize applications of the EMerge standard
• Promoting registered member products
• Assisting with effective sales and design processes for EMerge members
• Incorporating the intelligence of the standard in toolset
• Integrating with AutoCAD, Revit, ERP, and CRM

According to EMerge Alliance Chairman Brian Patterson, the growth in membership and significant progress in the development of the EMerge Standard brings the organization a step closer to its goal of increased flexibility, efficiency and sustainability in commercial buildings.

“We have nearly completed our first baseline standard that will integrate interior infrastructures, power, controls and a wide variety of peripheral devices, such as lighting, in a common platform,” said Patterson. “As we continue to grow our membership, adding leaders like Configura to create standard-based sales and design tools brings essential support for future EMerge applications in the marketplace.”

Configura, which wrote the book The Strength of PGC: Parametric Graphical Configuration, has been developing PGC-based software since 1990 and leads in Europe and North America with configurable software solutions. The software is based on CET – Configura Extension Technology – a core software platform. Utility- and customer/product-specific Extensions are then created and “extended” onto the core platform.

The Configura CET Designer software integrates with AutoCAD as well as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. The software will also integrate with Autodesk’s Revit® through a new Extension launching this fall.

One of Configura’s clients, Steelcase, is also an EMerge member. Configura produces the CET Extension SmartTools powered by CET Designer®, software that helps Steelcase dealers design and specify office space.

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