What Camos say about themselves:

Camos has been developing standard software for businesses in the capital goods industry since 1986. camos belongs to the “TOP 100 mid-size businesses” in Germany and won an award in Berlin for its innovations in 2000. According to METAGROUP, camos is the leading configuration provider in the “Innovation” category.


Address: Software und Beratung GmbH
Friedrichstrasse 14
70174 Stuttgart,Germany
Phone: +49 711 / 7 80 66-0
Fax: +49 711 / 7 80 66-60

Product Info


camos.Configurator is the leading technology system for accurate configuration of products with many variants. The sales team can configure customer-specific products without expert knowledge and prepare technically correct and precisely calculated quotations. camos.Configurator provides customised solutions for companies that sell complex products, such as plant and machine construction, electronics and electrical engineering, telecommunications or utility vehicle manufacturing.

camos.Configurator can be seamlessly integrated in all systems and has a user-friendly range of functions not efficiently available in CAD, PLM or ERP systems. The results are optimised processes for sales, order processing and service.camos.Configurator effectively supports your e-business as an “electronic sales assistant”. Customers can combine products that need explanation and can order directly. They receive all of the necessary information directly from the Internet or offline from a CD-ROM.

Companies that implement the Product Configurator camos.Configurator in conjunction with an intelligent modular system are significantly more successful than their competitors. This is proven by different case studies (VDMA, McKinsey) and the experience from more than 150 configuration projects.


  • camos.Configurator makes individual needs analysis possible. The customer specifies its requirements, and the Product Configurator assembles the matching product, taking account of the technical and commercial feasibility. At the same time, the salesperson obtains the corresponding sales arguments and the customer obtains information about the product benefits.
  • camos.Configurator clearly displays the selected product with all components and features as standard variants – the current price is determined simultaneously. Thereby, country and customer specific features (such as discounts) are automatically taken into account. Based on this configuration, any product variants desired can be created and accessories added.
  • Flexible Configuration Processcamos.Configurator permits any desired complex configuration processes. The user can modify or add components and features at any time and in any order. The selection currently possible is shown in advance. Even the product type can be changed; components and features already selected are adjusted accordingly.
  • Very User-FriendlyAt every point, camos.Configurator provides explanations as to why a specific selection is possible or not. The Product Configurator gives instructions to the user to maintain a technically feasible solution. The explanation is automatically generated by the system. If required, an individual explanatory text can be stored in the database.
  • Graphical Product Displaycamos.Configurator allows you to display the configured product as a drawing, picture or diagram. The display is automatically changed if there are changes in the configuration or individual features. Components can also be inserted in the graphic at a desired position, deleted or otherwise modified by using the mouse.
  • Simultaneous Price Calculationcamos.Configurator determines the current product price simultaneously with the configuration process. Country or customer specific features (such as discounts) are automatically taken into account. Any complex price algorithms desired can be mapped. The prices can be read in both from external systems as well as from an internal price list.


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