Cincom Acquire: Sales and Product Configurators

What they say about themselves:

Cincom Acquire™ and its partners provide inventive software and services to reduce the complexities of selling. Our Guided Selling, Sales and Product Configuration, Channel Management, and Quotation and Proposal Software and Solutions help you improve your bottom line by reducing costs, improving time management, and streamlining your workflow processes.

The Solutions Cincom Acquire™ provides for each client are specialized for simplicity, ease of use, and flexibility.

About Cincom

Founded in 1968, Cincom is a financially strong and stable company. For over 40 years, Cincom has empowered partners and thousands of clients worldwide to outperform their competition by providing ways to increase their revenue, control cost, minimize risk, and achieve rapid ROI. Over 800 professionals support thousands of customers worldwide, including APC, Carrier, Rolls-Royce, Panalytical, Siemens, Sultex and Wärtsilä.

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They also publish on which is a valuable resource for anyone looking for more general information about product configurators or specifically about Cincom Acquire.


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