Organizations that supply products or services on the basis of customer-specific requirements have to deal with complex sales scenarios. Sofon Guided Selling helps these organizations to simplify, speed up and improve the quality of their sales process. With Sofon Guided Selling you can decrease your sales costs while both increasing the chances of success and producing order specifications that are complete and error-free.

Your challenges in sales

Produce the right quotation quickly

When it comes to selling customer specific products and solutions, there are many things to take into account. One or more quotations, which the customer can use as a basis for making a purchase decision, will likely always be necessary. Drawing up a complete and error-free quotation places high demands on your organization. A great deal of knowledge is needed to take stock properly of the customer’s requirements, to look for the right solution and to calculate or configure the correct selling price, cost price and specifications. It is precisely this knowledge and experience that is so scarce. Only a few people in your organization will have it. It’s risky enough to rely upon a few individuals for critical business information that is often undocumented, but it is also inconvenient; as it means that you cannot respond to prospect enquiries as quickly as you would like to. Sofon Guided Selling enables you to respond quickly, quicker than your competitors.

Seamless cooperation between sales and technology

If you are faced with a lack of time or knowledgeable resources, there is a strong temptation to take risks to try to produce a good quotation quickly. Inadequate specifications can, however, lead to misunderstandings between the customer and employees in sales and technology. Solutions that have been sold do not always turn out to be deliverable or the costs of supplying the solution are higher than estimated. Sofon Guided Selling enables you to produce an error-free quotation quickly, including the correct specifications.

The whole sales process under control

More often then not more time is invested in drawing up a quotation than in managing it. There is a lack of an overview, as quotations are often produced using word processing programs and spreadsheets. What quotations have been produced? For which products? By whom and for whom? If this information is unavailable it is virtually impossible to gain an insight into what your customers want or to obtain a good forecast, which is necessary for anticipating future orders and the resources needed. Sofon Guided Selling gives you an insight into current opportunities and into the content of current quotations.

Optimal relationship with dealer channel and target group

How can you make doing business with you attractive for your dealers and prospects? By enabling them to configure and calculate a solution that satisfies their specific wishes, immediately and independently, without the need for any intervention from your specialists. Do you currently have to keep your dealers and customers waiting for a long time for an answer from one of your specialists? If you wish, you can use Sofon to make this information available directly by means of a question-and-answer process. With Sofon Guided Selling you will save yourself time and money, and your dealers and customers will be quicker to opt for your solutions.

Standard software for custom problems

All Sofon users work with the same standard software – whether they started using the software many years ago or whether they have only been using it for a short time. Sofon Guided Selling can be set up by your operational employees with a minimum of assistance required from external consultants or the IT department. The Sofon Guided Selling principle Sofon Guided Selling makes it possible for sales specialists and product specialists to record and maintain their knowledge in Sofon. Sofon users (field sales team, sales office, dealers, customers) can subsequently use this information simply in order to perform calculations and configurations and produce quotations, contracts and orders.

Sofon Guided Selling sectors

The sectors in which Sofon Guided Selling can be used include:

  • Production
  • Wholesale
  • Financial Services
  • Professional Services
  • Transport
  • Utilities
  • ICT
  • Lease / Rental

Sofon Guided Selling modules

Sofon’s Guided Selling solution comprises of a set of standard software modules which include:
Sofon Proposal Organizer With Sofon Proposal Organizer, complete and error free quotations, orders, contracts and other sales documents can be easily created. Product configuration, calculation, visualization and document generation are all supported. This can take place online, offline and via the internet.

Sofon Sales Configurator

Are you looking for a solution that will greatly enhance and extend the existing product configuration, calculation and visualization functionality in your current ERP or CRM solution? Sofon Sales Configurator will offer your organization the support needed in these areas.
Sofon Studio

Sofon Studio is the management module for all information that is used in Sofon Proposal Organizer and Sofon Sales Configurator. In Sofon Studio, your business domain expert can easily create usable models for Sofon Proposal Organizer that include costs, configuration rules, constraints, calculations, visualization rules, texts and illustrations.

Sofon Sales Organizer

Sofon Sales Organizer offers all functionality you may expect from robust CRM systems for customer driven businesses. In case you already use a CRM system, or you prefer another CRM system such as Microsoft CRM, or Siebel, your system of choice will easily work with Sofon.

Sofon Case Organizer

Sofon Case Organizer offers a combination of file management and workflow, employing a unique concept in which it is not the organization but the file that is central.

Sofon Connect

Sofon Connect ensures seamless integration between Sofon Guided Selling and other software such as ERP, CRM, CAD and PDM. The SAP Connector has been developed with the help of SAP Netweaver PI for integration between Sofon and SAP ERP.

Sofon implementation

To ensure that the implementation of Sofon runs quickly and smoothly, the experience gathered from the many previous implementations has been bundled together in Sofon Ready to Go: a predefined project approach that is used to map out the entire implementation in just a single day, including the project scope, project objectives, project organization, employees involved and project schedule. Thanks to Sofon Ready to Go, the actual introduction of the software can get under way following a short, one-day preparation period. The fact that users are able to model the Sofon system themselves means that there is only a minimal need to involve a Sofon consultant. Whereas with many configurators the supplier assumes an important role in setting up the software, Sofon consultants can confine themselves to the task of coaching users. This not only helps to reduce implementation costs, but also gives the user a high degree of independence. This is important as changes can be implemented quickly and easily without having to invest time and money in external advisors.

Software for simplifying complex sales processes

Sofon Guided Selling is a modular standard package which has enabled many thousands of users to improve their sales performance. With Sofon they can make sales more simply, more quickly and without errors. They can draw up correct proposals, orders and contracts such as specifications and conditions that satisfy internal agreements.

Sofon Guided Selling offers the following solutions:

  • Needs analysis
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales configuration
  • Product configuration
  • Calculation & Pricing
  • Visualization
  • Quotation generation
  • Contract generation
  • Contract management
  • Dealer management
  • Service management
  • CRM/ERP/CAD/PDM integration

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