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What Soft Tech say about themselves:

Soft Tech was formed in New Zealand in 1985, expressly to develop configuration software for the fenestration (Window and Door) industry and has evolved to a market leader for management and configuration software products. Offices were opened in Australia in 1990, England in 1997, USA in 1996 and France in 2000. Distributors have been appointed in Central America, Spain, Turkey and Thailand to extend the reach of Soft Tech’s products. The parent company, Soft Tech America Inc, is headquartered in sunny Fort Lauderdale Florida. The company is privately owned with all shareholders working within the group.


Address:1040 Bayview Drive Suite 600
Ft Lauderdale Florida 33304 – USA
Contact Name: Phillip Thompson
Phone: +1 954 568 3198
Fax: +1 954 563 6116

Product Info

The Saturn e-Configurator

The Saturn e-Configurator enables creation of a rich, personalized user experience in both B2B and B2C e-commerce marketplaces. It both enhances back-office order management and extends critical functionality to trading partners and customers via an intuitive browser interface. The Saturn base system combines web-based order management capabilities, integrated product configuration, personalized user interface and system utilities that enable users to tailor and deploy desired functionality across multiple product lines, sales channels, or operating divisions. Each product line, division, channel or user group can have personalized screens and data access to comply with specific order and quotation management roles.

Saturn is implemented as a 100% J2EE Java application – so system scalability and platform independence are built into the architecture. The default J2EE application server is Orion (see – it is the exact same on licensed and now embedded in Oracle 9i.) For untethered implementations Saturn supports JBoss+Jetty as well (meaning that there are no application server license fees for the laptops).

  • Saturn is a configuration and order management platform that integrates multiple configuration technologies to meet the diverse needs of the entire enterprise
  • Allows guided selling and servicing complex products and service parts in LAN , WAN, Web or in untethered environments
  • Saturn provides a scalable, secure environment for creating, managing and personalizing internet storefronts and electronic catalogs
  • Architected as a pure Java web services application allowing easy connectivity to other enterprise applications
  • Saturn may be used in B2B and B2C environments
  • The Saturn platform accommodates guided selling within complex products and service environments


  • Multiple catalog support – Catalogs are user-defined groupings of products that provide intuitive customer access and ordering support. Catalogs can be created and grouped together into product lines, distributor types, channels, etc. and can be arranged into a multi-tiered hierarchical structure. Individual users or user groups can then be assigned secured access to catalogs.
  • Browser based rules engine – Saturn includes a unique browser-based rules engine that allows for nearly unlimited scalability, as the server is not encumbered with processing each configured item’s rule set – usually a high processor-intensive function. This rules engine enables potentially complex configuration rules to be executed locally from the user’s machine during product configuration at order entry time. No additional software is required on the user computer.
  • The product configurator rules are created and maintained through an intuitive point-and-click process that utilizes plain language rules. Hence, the maintenance of rules can be performed without knowledge of programming language and can unburden the IT staff.
  • Attributes can be connected to any item or class of item – configurable products are differentiated from one another by attributes and their values and these can be applied to a family of items to facilitate maintenance of available options.
  • Intelligent part or system number generation – Orders for configured items are often created through intelligent model numbers that include a base model number and a series of prefixes and suffixes that denote various option selections. Such hybrid numbers work well in conventional customer order environments by converting sales catalogs into printed order forms. However, they are often not compatible with back office systems and create a huge disconnect between sales and manufacturing activities.
  • Saturn can model existing intelligent sales catalog-numbering schemes required for clear, concise customer interaction. It will then translate these intelligent model numbers into requisite “manufacturing speak” and communicate to existing back office fulfillment systems – effectively eliminating the need for manual translation by customer service personnel.
  • Bill Of Material generation – configurable products and systems can result in unique multi-level bills of material with selection and quantity of components that depend upon options selected at order entry. Saturn can generate multi-level bills of material that include both standard and configurable items at any level. The resultant BOM is available to send to back office manufacturing systems and to suppliers of raw materials and components.


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