Hendrix, Electric-Babes and a Configurator


So I’m plugged and listening to Jimi Hendrix and of course I wonder if I can configure a guitar.

I googled “guitar configurator”, it’s late so I am am not picky at the moment and I land on www.electric-babes.net

This first thing I am presented with is an offer for a full screen flash configurator or their normal configurator. My screen is small, so I took their full screen option.

This visual configurator presents me with three models, Layla, Ella and Lilly.  I selected Layla.

Now I have the base model in front of me and a variety of attributes I can alter.  It looks like I can change all the standard components, but cannot change neck length, body shape, thickness or left or right hander.  This might actually have been a shop that could have catered to Hendrix.  He was a lefty who played a righty upside down.

Everything is pretty straight forward, when selecting the body options.  Tattooing offered a number of standard shapes which could be resized.  This feature “stuck” a little.  Once you had entered your selection, it was a bit tricky to pick it up again to alter its position size or in my case text.

Electric-babes.net guitar configurator offers an on stage view.  This removes all of the interface panels and gives you a framed view of your personalized “Babe”.

They also let you save your configuration, add it to a gallery for others to view and online ordering possibilities.   Unfortunately, my registration failed to process and I couldn’t continue.

Not knowing the market for guitars, I am guessing electric-babes.net is a small-shop company.  Considering this they offer customers a adequate number of personalization option.  No being a player, I couldn’t say if the guitar options would be enough for a custom guitar.  Configurable paint for body and neck, a few options for knobs and buttons, but the  three different options for pickups in three different colours.  The fretboard and amp connection position was not selectable.

A bit more snappiness the tattoo interface would have been helpful as well as a functioning registration process.  I guess I was hoping for a bit more, but the number of options and functionality of the flash configurator seems to fall within the scope typically provided by visual based product personalizers.

I would be interested to hear back from any guitar players whether the offered options are enough for a custom guitar.  Comments will be open for a week.

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