Product Configurator and Guided Selling Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP


Product configurator and guided selling solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP were announced this month by TDCI.

The two modules BuyDesign Configurator and BuyDesign Guided Selling integrate are available as optional applications in GP 10.0 SP2 versions and above.

One of their customers, Porvene Doors, is very happy with the solution and with the benefits typically experience by companies which implement product configurator and guided buying solutions.

Says Stephen Bryan of Porvene Doors:

With our old system, we maintained a full bill of material (BOM) for every size and variation of the doors we make.  That added up to over 50,000 different part numbers and associated BOMs.  The effort and cost to maintain all those parts and BOMs was onerous.  Now we use the configurator to generate that information on the fly as products are ordered – eliminating the vast majority of that data maintenance.  We could not have made this important change with Great Plains alone – it’s the product configurator that makes it possible.”

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