Product Configurator Whitepaper: 4 Types of Configurators

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A product configurator white paper titled, 4 Types of Configurators – Which one is right for your business? is offered by Configure One, a supplier of on demand configurators.

The whitepaper details the possible integration and output possiblities you may need to consider, as well as detail four types of configurators.

Configure One identifies them as:

• Knowledge-based engineering (KBE) solutions
• ERP configurator modules
• Product visualization solutions
• Enterprise product configurator

and the document contains a matrix detailing the feature spectrum of each of these categories.  In addition to the matrix they outline key benefits such as:

Decrease quotation lead time between 40-80%
Reduce order lead times 10-50%
Eliminate between 40-80% of human errors

and describe further in detail.

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