Product Configurator Whitepaper: 7 Reasons Why Configurator Projects Fail

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This whitepaper, 7 Reasons Why (product) Configurator Projects Fail is good read for those of you looking at upcoming projects.  It is authored by Louis Columbus,  a former AMR analyst now associated with Cincom Aquire.

The seven corresponding sections are:

1: Not Strategic
2: Just Another IT Project
3: Doesn’t Integrate
4: No Input from Users
5: Limited Deployment Options
6: Difficult to Use
7: No Support for Complex Knowledge

This whitepaper would serve as a good instrument and guideline to support project managers who need to sensitize stakeholders and peripheral actors to the important aspects of a successful product configurator project.

Despite the fact the whitepaper is sponsored by Cincom, it leaves out any mention of the company until the very last section of suggested actions.  This makes it easy to reuse and distribute without it sounding like a hard hitting sales brochure.

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