Product Configurators keeps overhead of global rollout low

Configure One

Product configurators are helping Can Telematics rollout out their products and services out on a global basis and at the same time keep costs down.

Considering the complicated nature and ever changing technology of the telcom market, the companies CEO was looking for a solution to enable his sales channels.

Brent Moore, CEO & president:

It’s very difficult to train a global reseller network when things are constantly changing. We needed a way of capturing the knowledge required to automatically create an accurate quotation. To achieve that manually we’d have to employ an internal sales force, and that’s not our business model. To expand globally we need to utilize technology, and keep our overhead low.

Can Telematic also required integration, which they receive with their solution from Configure One.   The CEO also expressed his satisfaction that Configure One took time to consider his business when other unnamed product configurator technology providers took no interest in the seemingly small metrics of his project.  He also endorsed their continuing partnership.

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