Use SAP object dependencies in camos Product Configurator


Software solution camos.ConnectSAP links up the Product Configurator by Stuttgart’s software and consulting specialist, camos, with SAP ERP. Thus, SAP product knowledge can be used in generating price quotations in camos.

Use SAP object dependencies in a high performance, sales-oriented quotation configurator: that’s what can be realised with a software solution by Stuttgart’s software and consulting company, camos. All data in SAP’s knowledge-of-dependencies base are fed into a camos knowledge base. An intelligent mapping tool in camos.ConnectSAP produces object-oriented models which can easily be expanded by features and rules which are relevant to sales. The migrated models have been made more compact and are also more clearly laid out, thanks to the consequential utilisation of object-oriented paradigms, such as inheritance. The user interfaces can be adapted whenever necessary. A system and plant configuration has been made possible; and the regionalization for international use of the configurator has been simplified.

This solution is based on SAP-certified interface modules. These are capable of release and upwardly compatible with new versions of the business software. Through the migration of object dependencies and utilisation of additional SAP data redundancies are avoided. It is no longer necessary to maintain object dependencies within the ERP-system and the external configurator parallelly.

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